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meet pete!

there's always room for pete-za!
meet our new kitty pete (or pete-za as we like to call him)! we adopted him from tree house last week (he's had his share of ups and downs so we're hoping to be his forever home) and we have fallen under the spell of his his elvis snarl and affectionate, enthusiastic head-butts! pete is a kitty with a heart of gold- so loving, trusting, and so desperate to befriend our stranger-shy klaus... 

"love me!"
klaus: "why does this guy follow me EVERYWHERE?"
pete: "i wonder if she wants me
to head-but her..."
learning to share space
klaus isn't a very adaptable cat, but we've caught her warming up to sweet mr. pete, even letting him lick her face and cheek (a HUGE deal for our typically skittish and ornery klaus). it may take a while for klaus to trust him, but we know in time they'll be buds. i mean, even klaus can't resist a face like this...

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