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easy peasy lunch

whole wheat spaghetti with peas and almonds
so this is basically the easiest pasta dish you can make- one pot, four ingredients, under 15 minutes. i like to make this on days like today where i have and early lunch at home before work and want some leftovers to take with me for a snack since i'll be working until after dinner time. all of the ingredients can be subbed with other pastas/legumes/nuts/oils, so it's an easy one to make with whatever you have on hand. i was first introduced to the fantastic pasta-nut combo as a kid, when i used to spend a lot of time at my best friend kini's house. her parents made the most delicious dinners- i can still taste her dad's home-made bread, the salad dressing that i used to be allowed to dip my fingers in after all the salad was gone, and the sweet walnut whole wheat spaghetti her mom used to make. she would grind up walnuts and a bit of sugar in the food processor and toss that into spaghetti. the heat of the pasta would melt the sugar and help the walnuts stick to the pasta. yum! this recipe takes that idea and adapts it for spring, taking out the sugar to make it a little lighter, and adding peas for green freshness. all of the ingredients are high in protein and the whole wheat pasta and nuts are complex carbs, so this is a good meal to keep you fueled for a long time. 

whole wheat spaghetti with peas and almonds
2 portions whole wheat spaghetti (or pasta of your choice)
1 cup green peas (i used frozen, but fresh would be even better)
1 cup raw almonds (or pistachios or walnuts...)
1 teaspoon walnut oil (you could sub another nut or olive oil)

- cook pasta according to directions on the box.

- while the pasta cooks use a food processor to grind almonds until they become a coarse meal (you want them to look kind of sandy, with a few coarse chunks)

- about a minute before pasta is done turn off heat and add your frozen peas to the pot. let sit for 1-2 min and then use the lid of your pot to drain the pasta water (it's fine to leave a tiny bit of the starchy water in the pot- this will help your ingredients stick together).

- add almond meal and oil to the pot and stir to evenly distribute. salt to taste. voila! wasn't that easy?

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