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macro bowl copycat

i have become obsessed with the sesame kale macro bowl at native foods. i don't bother trying to order anything else anymore because i wind up just wanting that perfect blend of steamed kale & tangy sauerkraut  over brown rice with their amazing sesame sauce. yum. i kinda want some right now. but it's not just the taste, macrobiotic food always makes me feel energized, like my body is humming (i get the same feeling from kimchi). so i decided to try my own copycat version of the sesame kale bowl with the veggies i had in the fridge. here's what i came up with:

steamed brown rice topped with steamed spinach & baked sweet potato (with peel) topped with sunflower spouts and a drizzle of spicy sesame sauce (all organic ingredients)
for reference this is the sesame kale bowl as photographed by rachel at eat, learn, discover:

what i realized is that this basic formula will work for a wide variety of macro bowls just by substituting different grains, veg, and sauces (why is it always the most obvious realizations that come as the biggest shock?) - so here's my basic formula:

1 cup steamed brown rice (i like short grain for the satisfying chewy texture)
1/2 - 1 cup dark, leafy green
1/2 - 1 cup other veg (pick something with a contrasting color)
1/2 - 1 cup tempeh, beans, or tofu (if you can find nigari or fresh, spouted tofu, use that)
top with sauce (tahini-based, carrot-ginger, shoyu... endless possibilities here!)
garnish with fresh sprouts, micro-greens, or scallinons

for my tahini sauce i mixed tahini:shoyu:filtered water in a more-or-less 2:1:1 ratio until i had the consistency i wanted, then added half a key lime and a spoonful of miso.

i was so impressed with this macro bowl epiphany that i made another macro meal for dinner with my husband! i used a quinoa-brown rice-wild rice blend, topped it with steamed curly kale & carrots, leftover baked sweet potato from lunch, micro onion greens (these are so yummy & and add an freshness and dimension to the dish, we get ours from tiny greens at our local farmer's market) and black sesame sauce. THAT WAS SO EASY! YOU SHOULD TRY IT!